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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Barron's Online Cover Story: Romney Best Candidate for Our Economy!

Barron's Online features "The Mitt and Bill Show" Parts One and Two.

I think it's a no-brainer that Romney is a natural choice for our economy. Bill Richardson scored worse than any GOP candidate, but was the best of the Dems (If I had to vote for a Dem for POTUS, I've long said that Richardson would get my vote)

The actual report card is interesting as well.
However, like a proud and defensive parent, I think that Romney should have got "straight A's". His only B came in "income tax reform" even though he was the first to sign Grover Norquist's/Americans for Tax Reforms no new taxes pledge and has consistently talked about his plans to drastically change or eliminate the Alt Min Tax and make Bush's Tax cuts permanent. He's also been on the record as wanting to decrease the marginal income tax rate for everyone in every bracket and to simplify the tax code. Meanwhile, "I-commit-to-raising-your-taxes-for-my-socialist-schemes John Edwards" gets only one grade lower at a C? That's just crazy. Maybe they want someone to commit to a flat tax or a "fair tax" to get an A in that one?

Still, a great showing for Mitt summed up in their lead in:

Romney would be the best Republican candidate for stocks, bonds and the economy

Some other worthy quotes:

[On Healthcare] Only Romney has bragging rights to having actually done something in this area, and he's quick to let you know it: "As governor of Massachusetts, I helped design and enact a plan to insure all of our uninsured citizens, which did not require new taxes nor a government takeover of health care."

Based on our report card, the optimal match-up for Wall Street would be Richardson versus Romney, because both candidates favor low taxes and sound fiscal policy. This doesn't seem a likely outcome, however, given Richardson's low charisma levels.

Obama versus Romney, or any of the Republicans for that matter, would be the next-best scenario for the street.


Anonymous said...

Romney is not a real conservative but he plays one on TV.


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