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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pat Buchanan on the Iowa Straw Poll : Pay Attention!

First preseason game – Aug. 11

by Patrick J. Buchanan

Here is an excerpt about Romney and his winning strategy in Ames!
About Gov. Romney. His strategy has been set by his situation. A Massachusetts governor who has taken liberal stands on abortion, gay rights and guns, he needs to persuade the nominating wing of the party, first, that he is a conservative, second, that he is a winner. As a twice-defeated Richard Nixon said in 1968, the only way to prove he is not a loser is to go "into the fires of the primaries."
Romney has to win neighboring New Hampshire to have a chance in South Carolina – and to win New Hampshire, he must win Iowa. Hence, Romney has used up much of his early cash to secure both bastions. His success may be seen in the fact that he has run Rudy and McCain out of the straw poll and is polling first in both states.
If Romney wins big at Ames, he will be heavily favored in the January caucuses. If he wins in January, he will have the "Big Mo" going into New Hampshire. A victory in Iowa is worth $50 million in free publicity eight days before New Hampshire, and a win in New Hampshire is worth even more heading for South Carolina and Florida.
The question that faces Rudy and McCain is this: Do they risk a defeat by Romney in Iowa, perhaps a humiliating third-place finish that dims their luster in New Hampshire? Or do they cede Iowa to Romney, write it off and wait for him in New Hampshire, as McCain waited for George W. Bush in 2000 and beat him? "


Anonymous said...


I am a Ron Paul supporter, and I have a question: why is it that Iowa Republicans are so attracted to Romney? What issues does he resonate with them on?

Signed, Mark D.

Keith Steurer said...

I think it is not just one issue. I think it is the whole package. On the experience side, Romney has both private sector and goverment experience. On the policy side, he is equally committde to a strong safe country, a strong economy and strong families. I think the family values seems to resonate with Iowans quite a bit. If ROmney can respect american families anywhere close to how he respects his own family, then we are in geat shape.
As for the Iowan rush to Romney, remember who his top 2 competitors are : McCain who made discouraging remarks about Iowans in 1999 and skipped that straw poll. Iowans don't forget that kind of behavior, and as soon as McCain announced he was skipping this year's straw poll, it was the end of the road for him in Iowa. Giuliani is a bit too liberal for Iowans. Sure, he was a great "conservative" in New York, but this is Iowa where his platform is considered a liberal one. Can you imagine the final election in 2008 between two candidates who both support abortion?
Thanks for asking, and sorry for the delay on my response.