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Saturday, July 21, 2007

McCain voted off the Island!

We wrapped up our poll today, and the results are in for who you think should drop out of the race next.

The candidate you voted for is John McCain with 24% of the votes. A close second place is Brownback with 23%.

Brownback 23%
Gilmore 9%
Gingrich 0%
Giuliani 9%
Hagel 3%
Huckabee 1%
Hunter 1%
McCain 24%
Paul 10%
Romney 5%
Tancredo 3%
Fred Thompson 8%
Tommy Thompson 7%

I think this will be fairly accurate as to what actually happens after the straw polls. Gilmore already dropped out since we started the poll, so that is alrady taken care of. The only candidate to not recieve any votes is Newt Gingrich, which is fine because he's not really running anyways. Are any democrat blogs doing this for the dems, too? Curious.

As for the straw poll, check your calendars because it is only 21 days away! If you are interseted in joining the Romney supporters for a free trip to Ames, free admission tickets, and free food and entertainment, just send an email to . As a reminder, you must be a resident of Iowa to vote. You will need a drivers license to prove this. You don't have to be a registered republican, though. Get ready to send Mitt Romney thru to the caucus with a huge win here in Ames!!

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