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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who should drop out after the Iowa Straw Poll?

Who should get sent home after the Straw Poll??? Now is your chance to vote!

I was watching "So you think you can dance" last night and thought how similar it is to the straw poll. Dancers must get votes to stay on the show just like Republicans must get votes to stay in the race. Instead of the Cha-Cha and the Rhumba, the candidates are doing the "Iowa-New Hampsire-Carolina Shuffle"!!

So now is your chance to vote for who should go home after the Straw Poll. You can vote for one candidate, once per day, for about a week. We will compare results to what actually happens in August!!

So hurry up and vote!

Who should drop out after the Iowa Straw Poll?
Fred Thompson
Tommy Thompson
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Anonymous said...

McCain is on borrowed time. Heck, the "Fuller for VEEP" campaign has a better chance than McCain's ill-fated presidential run.

Keith Steurer said...

I think the "Steurer for Secretary of State" campaign also has more money than the McCain presidential run. I recall a conversation with a McCain staffer when she was telling me how precious their funds were and that's why they weren't attending the Iowa Straw Poll. It all makes more sense now seeing the $$ figures.

Jeff Fuller said...

I remember you describing that conversation Keith. It does make a lot more sense now and I almost feel pity for McCain ( . . . Almost).

Full speed ahead to the Ames Straw Poll!!!