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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Former Iowan Starts NY for Mitt

A former Iowan has started NY for Mitt since relocating there just over a year ago.

Great job Neal!


Naomi said...

there is a new mitt website out there that is pretty cool (the more the better) called musicformitt. It has a great song on there for mitt called "Raise the Bar" I love the ending "My vote is on the man of integrity". If Mitt doesn't win what are we all going to do with these websites, songs and Mitt stuff????

Nealie Ride said...

Don't worry. Mitt will win.

Anonymous said...

Romney was a total loser as governor of Massachusetts. A job he went after not for what he could do for them but because of its proximity to New Hampshire.

The governorships of Utah and Massachusetts were open at the same time and Romney has residences in both yet rather than run in a state as conservative as he is and, on the heals of his Olympic stardom, he instead runs in liberal Massachusetts and the immediately starts running for president.

This guy is about as shallow as a puddle on a hot highway