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Monday, December 04, 2006

Will Team Frist Hop on Romney Express?

Over at Human Events Online's Right Angle blog, Jon Gizzi's posted the latest "inside dish" about much of now-out-of-the-running Bill Frist's team to be migrating over to Romney.

No sooner had the word gone out yesterday that outgoing Sen. Bill Frist (R.-Tenn.) would not seek the Republican nomination for president in ’08 than sources close to the physician-politician were telling me: “Watch where Team Frist goes.” And immediately after saying that, a source close to Frist said: “They’ll go to Romney.”

By “Team Frist,” people close to the senator usually mean Linus Catignani, who headed up Frist’s personal political action committee and is a partner in the Cat-Bond fund-raising company (along with Linda Bond, wife of Missouri Sen. Kit Bond), and Alex Vogel, past chief counsel to Frist and to the National Republican Senatorial Committee when the Tennessee senator was its chairman. In addition, Washington “superlobbyist” Jack Oliver -- former deputy chairman of the Republican National Committee and longtime finance director for George W. Bush’s presidential campaign -- had been considered a likely player in a Frist-for-President campaign. With Frist out of the ’08 sweepstakes, the Missourian President Bush dubbed “Ollie” is expected to throw his considerable fund-raising weight behind Romney.

Can Frist himself be far behind the “Romney Express” if his top campaign team is poised to hop on? According to the same source that tipped us on “Team Frist,””The Leader [what intimates call Frist] will back Mitt Romney, in part because he can’t stand John McCain.”

I find it pretty natural that Frist's team/backers would flow to Romney anyways. Frist's family runs the largest for-profit Hospital chain in the nation (HCA) which is the definition of "big business"--and a lot of Frist's supporters/backers are tied with that company/industry. Romney is obviously the "candidate of choice" of business-owners. He's a capitalist through and through.

Team Romney is looking GOOOOOOOOOD already, but could still grow by leaps and bounds!

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