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Friday, December 15, 2006

Romney on Iraq Study Group

This wonderful interview Romney had with K Lo of NRO was linked to previously here . . . but I wanted to highlight Romney's response on the ISG.

Lopez: What did you make of the Iraq Study Group report that was released last week?

Gov. Romney: The members of the Iraq Study Group deserve credit for their hard work. But their recommendations read like the product of a flawed process — one more focused on reaching consensus for the sake of reaching consensus. There were a few recommendations that I found especially striking: Suggesting that somehow the Israel-Palestine conflict is a root of sectarian and insurgent violence in Iraq is just wrong. Sunnis are killing Shia and vice versa. Pressuring Israel won’t change that.

Proposing that we negotiate with terrorist regimes like Syria and Iran — without a rigorous analysis of how our incentives could ever be aligned — is just counter-productive. I have no quarrel with talking, especially if it yields valuable intelligence and insight about an adversary. But that’s a far cry from actually negotiating with Iran, which sponsors Hezbollah, has nuclear ambitions, and has been clear in its intention to wipe our ally Israel off the map. And Syria is systematically undermining the sovereignty of Lebanon and funding and arming terrorists. Any suggestion that we might trade something for their help or forbearance is out of the question. When considering a negotiation, one must ask what kind of leverage we have, and recognize that there are situations where we have more to lose than gain by negotiating.

Finally, inferring that our troops may be withdrawn from combat positions before Iraq is secure runs counter to my view and to the views I have heard from some of America’s most accomplished military leaders. I am not suggesting that there are simple solutions for Iraq. But it is clear to me that some of these recommendations will not meet our objectives in Iraq, or in the broader long war America is fighting today.

Nice to hear such an articulate and "common-sense-ical" opinion. Sure, it's easier to poke-holes in something like this than to offer alternatives, but at least it shows that he understands many of the important issues and can persuasively argue his points. I believe Romney has the biggest "upside" of any 2008 POTUS hopeful on either side.

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Basham said...

I'm currently serving in Iraq and this is freash air to me. A candidate who doesn't quibble or vacillate on who the "bad guys" are and what we should do or not do.

I still think Romney is the best answer to helping Iraq and achieving our golas here.