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Saturday, December 09, 2006

"The Mitt Romney Deception"--It's all in the name

"The Mitt Romney Deception"--is very aptly named, for the piece itself is the true deception. Trusting a source like this is akin to seeking real information about US foreign policy from Hugo Chavez. Listen, ain't nobody gonna be conservative enough for these folks (Don't believe me? Look at this piece where they write about how President Bush has "abandoned God, Family, and Country" . Wouldn't you say they have a "flare for the dramatic?" . . . and, just like the liberal media, would rather distort the truth to support their own agenda than do honest research).

The article is compiled by a group called "MassResistance" whose 14 members (TIC) come onto the Romney Blogs frequently to copy and paste their whole diatribe. Their thesis is:
Indeed, this report will demonstrate that Romney was probably the most pro-abortion and pro-gay rights Republican official in the nation for the last decade.
This statement is utterly laughable on many levels:
  1. He hasn't even been a "Republican official" for a decade. The only political office he's ever held where he has an actual record is as MA Gov 2003-2006
  2. Gay rights groups and the liberal media incessantly lambaste Romney for his conservative actions/statements as Governor.
  3. "The most pro-abortion and pro-gay rights Republican official?"--ever heard of Lincoln Chafee, Mark Foley, Rudy Giuliani, George Pataki, Chuck Hagel, Michael Bloomberg, Olympia Snowe or the THOUSANDS of other Republican officials who ARE ACTUALLY pro-abortion and/or pro-gay rights? Romney IS pro-life and against same sex marriage AND civil unions.
Mass Resistance has perfected the science of running misleading headlines and quoting out of context. They've also compiled this list from quotes from such reliable (and "unbiased") sources as the Boston GLobe, Boston Herald, Bay Windows, and the Boston Phoenix . . . all media souces which have blatantly anti-Romney agendas and consistantly try to paint him as a hypocrite. They also don't link to the complete articles where "the rest of the story" can be evaluated en toto. This is the true deception.

Now for some clarification on the specific issues/accusations:
  • Top 10 RINO? . . . Human Events Online has more recently semi-recanted for including Romney in this list and now their main objection to his potential success seems to be "The Mormon Issue". See link here (an article in which they seem to say everybody is an unacceptable or unelectable candidate):
Mitt Romney is an interesting character. Although he is the outgoing governor of the very liberal state of Massachusetts and was named as one of the Top 10 RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) less than a year ago in HUMAN EVENTS, he's not as liberal as he might appear at first glance. He opposed raising taxes in Massachusetts, balanced the budget, fought gay marriage (although unfortunately, he lost) and has flip flopped on abortion (He now has a pro-life stance). He's even publicly calling himself a " conservative Republican." On the other hand, according to recent polls, even if you set aside the debate about how conservative he is or isn't, the "Mormon issue" is starting to look like an insurmountable obstacle to his candidacy. According to Rasmussen Polling, 43% of Americans and 53% of Evangelicals say that they, "wouldn't consider voting for a Mormon candidate." For good or ill, that probably means that Romney is unelectable.

  • Speaking of "The Mormon Issue" . . . "But all the polls say people won't vote for a Mormon as their President!" . . . I wrote this piece several months ago explaining how flawed such polling is, espeicially if they are trying to suggest that people won't want to vote for Romney because he's LDS.
  • On the abortion issue, I strongly recommend reading this article: "A Pro-Life Perspective on a Mitt Romney Candidacy". (Also, keep in mind that both George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan were "pro-choice" prior to running for president (Reagan even signed the California law that essentially allowed "aboriton on demand", yet became a strong "pro-life" champion as president.)
It must be recognized that Romney did have a few "unfortunate responses" during his 1994 campaign . . . especially during debates with Teddy Kennedy. Every politician has had a few of these in their careers . . . and they'll be brought up ad nauseum. What's more important is how Romney HAS GOVERNED . . . which has been consistantly as a conservative.

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