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Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Christmas Gift from Hugh Hewitt: Globe's Incessant Romney Attacks are Sure Sign of His Candidacy's Viability

Go to the article at Townhall for the embedded links:

Part 218 of the Boston Globe's attempt to derail Mitt Romney's accelerating presidential campaign details the governor's travels and his PACs' spending this year.

(The Globe neglected to give us the citation to its parallel story on John Kerry's absences from DC or Massachusetts in 2002, or Mike Dukakis' journeys in 1986. Perhaps they are in the same file as the Globe's stories on the citizenship/green card status of the crews working on Kerry's many homes?)

Rarely have we ever had such a clear demonstration of the hard-left nature of a modern MSM paper than in the side-by-side comparison of the Globe's Kerry/Romney coverage.

What the paper's staff doesn't seem to understand is the incredible lift they are giving the Romney campaign. There is no surer signal to the GOP base of a candidate's conservative principles, competence and electability than an early and sustained attempt to damage him by the MSM. One of the reasons that Senator McCain is viewed with such distrust by the Republican base is the fawning coverage he receives from the Beltway-Manahattan media elites. One of the reasons Rudy Giuliani has credibility with base despite his views on abortions rights etc is that the MSM clearly fears him. Negative MSM coverage of Republican candidates is like a divining stick pointing towards those Republicans the Democratic Party fears the most.

Gotta believe Hugh will continue to be a voice of reason about a Romney candidacy. He's spot on with this one.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's because he's a viable candidate or perhaps it's only because he can at least tilt everyone to the right a little.

As per the recent KCCI poll (, McCain and Giuliani far outstrip Romney in Iowa so far.

Those two are raving liberals compared to Romney who is merely moderate in conservatism.

Either way, the Globe accomplishes it's mission by making it look as if the left wing is centrist, McCain and Giuliani on the fringe and Romney way out in right field.

The problem with McCain and Giuliani is that most of those who agree with their left wing politics and appear to support them will end up voting for the
Democrats anyway. Republicans must choose the conservative candidate to differentiate themselves from the Democrats.

Romney could possibly be that conservative....but he doesn't look it so far. He's got to get the message out and stop allowing the Globe and others define him.

Jeff Fuller said...

I agree with you.

Romney will start defining his message after he announces (in a couple of weeks) instead of having it defined for him by the MSM and his opponent's staffers.

I'm just tickled that they all have felt the need to drop their biggest bombs on him BEFORE he announces his candidacy. They realize he's strong and winning the "talent primary" and fundraising wars.

Anonymous said...

Romey's problem in Iowa, is that he has Christopher Rants working for/with his team...Rants is the genius that is responsible for the Republicans losses in the House of Representative over the past three cycles! He’s a master of losing! Good luck with that Mitt supporters!

Jeff Fuller said...

Got a grudge there man?

Your logic is absent on this one. R's all over then NATION lost . . . including extremely moderate ones like Jim Leach . . . is that all Rants fault too?

Even if what you said was true, I'm sure Romney's campaign could overcome "one bad egg" quite easily. He's got solid paid people here, Kochel, Collins, Nicole S., Gross etc . . . that's not to mention his exemplary volunteer folks.

Anonymous said...

No grudge! Just stating the facts man, that's why I said the "last three cycles" dude!
As for the rest of the crew: Kochel is OK, Gentry has been out of the game for a couple years, and Nicole's record is 50/50 at best...but good luck!