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Monday, December 04, 2006

Romney win's Krusty Konservative's Online Poll (Again). New Poll up.

Romney won Krusty's Kaucus Poll again with over 2000 votes. Romney won the inaugural Kaucus Poll back in July as well. The new Kaucus Poll can be found here--go vote for Mitt!!!

Also, Romney still leads "The Cooler Line" over at Caucus Cooler (though McCain's recent staffing additions here in Iowa have moved him closer).

Don't forget to be ready to support our favorite candidate in the all-important Iowa Caucus. Keep Aug 11th, 2007 on your calendars to help Romney win the Ames Straw Poll (McCain staffers are already anonymously posting on all the Iowa Political blogs that if Romney doesn't "Win Big" @ Ames that it will be a big disappointment and a sign of his weakness---funny that they're "spinning" their loss this early!!).


Anonymous said...


I'm wondering what your thoughts are on Romney's wealth. We saw Lamberti get ripped on being a millionaire. Kerry got ripped for marrying into money, and his mansions he put second mortgages on.

Now, I think most POTUS candidates are probably going to be extremely wealthy, if not millionaires. But I've heard Mitt is worth some $700 million. Do you think that will hurt him???

Looking forward to your response!

Cancer Man said...

How much was Bush 43 worth as a candidate for prez considering he was part owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team?

Republicans can appreciate a person who is successful in business and that would not include Kerry as he married into money.

Mitt is sooooooo impressive!

Jeff Fuller said...


It's hard to know how Mitt's Money will play out. The MSM will try to paint a picture of an elitist, near-billionaire who is the epitomy of "big business."

Truth is Romney made his own money (inherited a "measly" $3mil when his parents died and donated it all to charity). He's been a wildly successful businessman but came by it honestly, through free enterprise--scandal-free. I respect that and I think most voters do/will as well.

Thanks for asking.