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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Latest Liberal "Hit Piece" on Romney: "The Two Faces of Mitt Romney--In the New York Observer

Want to know what the rich and liberal elite of New York will be reading shortly? The New York Observer article, in true liberal fashion, is trying to paint Romney as just another hypocritical northeastern Republican (see this interesting and brief Wikipedia entry on the NYO)

I see this as a good sign. That the liberals and Democrats are already trying to smear Romney this early shows that they see him as a real threat. They should be worried.

Essentially, this piece brings up the same old issues and Romney's apparent "flip-flops" on abortion and gay-rights and brings up a less-discussed "Romney reversal" on the environment--RGGI.

From Romney's Wikipedia entry

Romney supports regulation of greenhouse gas emissions, primarily through voluntary measures[69] He issued a 72-point Climate Protection Plan. His staffers spent more than $500,000 negotiating the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI--pronounced "Reggie"), which Romney praised in November 2005, saying "I'm convinced it is good business."[53][54] As plan details were being worked out, Romney pushed for a cap on fees charged to businesses who exceed emission limits citing concerns of increased consumer energy costs. He stated: "New England has the highest energy rates in the country, and RGGI would cost us more." This ongoing disagreement eventually led Romney and Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri to pull out of the RGGI in December of 2005. [55]

The article's treatment of the gay-rights issues really bugs me. They take his '94 quote that he's for "equality for gay and lesbian citizens" and extrapolate that to mean "gay and lesbian couples". Romney's always been against gay marriage and civil unions, but he's always been for equality for all citizens (hey, aren't "all men created equal"?) I see ZERO hypocrisy or "flip-flop" on this one and it bugs me when people make this misleading accusation.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jeff, you wrote: "Romney's always been against gay marriage and civil unions."

Is this another one of those "I'm personally pro-life, but" things?

Given that Romney, whatever his "personal" views may be, publicly endorsed a state constitutional amendment that would have outlawed so-called homosexual "marriage" but would have legally established homosexual "civil unions."

This was after he opposed the first state marriage amendment proposed before the state Supreme Court ruled in 2003, even after being told by the media that his wife and son had signed the petition to place it on the ballot.