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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The South Carolina Romney's Religion Confrontation Affair

Romney apparently got religiously accosted by a political activist last week in South Carolina. Read Andru's take at South Carolinians for Romney here and here.

Also, the Article 6 Blog has fairly conprehensive coverage (that blog is dedicated to Article 6 in the constitution which prohibits a "religious test" being applied to those seeking office . . . this is right up their alley).

Also, Evangelicals for Mitt has some great coverage and confirms the McCain tie beyond dispute.

Are the McCain folks getting scared and going on the offensive this early? Sure seems that way.

Things are heating up!


Samuel's Bro said...

I hope not. I'd like to see the candidates, including John McCain preserve civility in this race.

But if some operative is going after Romney on religion, I guess its okay for the Romney camp to count their blessings that the operatives are sticking to lame topics like polygamy and race.

deg said...

Jeff, do you know what happened with the it seems to be down. Or maybe it's just me.

Straight Talk my A$$ said...

Jeff, This doesn't surprise me at all. Here in Iowa McCain chairman Chuck Larson has been telling people, "we on the McCain campaign will never attack Mitt Romney for being a member of a cult." He has apparently since then had his hand slapped for letting that get out publicly.

It would be hard to believe that McCain doesn't know what his operatives are doing in multiple states at once.

I think we are seeing the beginning of the real McCain "Straight Talk".

Jeff Fuller said...


The strawpoll's working for me.

Straight Talk . . . ,

I guess the game of politics is never nice, eh? That's OK . . . despite being a pretty nice and likable guy, Romney knows how to play "hardball" and will not roll over and play dead.

The "knocks" against ROmney are actually minor and infrequent compared to what some lifetime politicians will have to answer to come campaigning time.

Anonymous said...

Not to 'beat a dead horse', but I also posted my 'two cents' on Keep up the good work! The humorous posts are a nice reprieve from the incident in Columbia.