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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Romney, Roosevelt, and Giuliani

This interesting editorial from the New York Sun praises Romney and Giuliani for their strong stands against terrorist visits to our soil and compares their actions to Teddy Rooseveldt's humorous handling of another Anti-Semite, Rector Ahlwardt.

They then continue:

Mr. Romney faced a slightly different situation than Commissioner Roosevelt, for we are now in a war and anti-Semitism isn't looking so ridiculous. Mr. Khatemi is not just an itinerant preacher. He's the front man for a nation that is actively fighting against us, that is levying a war against the Jewish state, that has played a role in killing hundreds of Americans. His motives in coming here are patently disingenuous, as are those of the Kennedy School in hosting him. Our government has allowed Mr. Khatemi in as a private person, but the mission on which he is here is to carry out hostile state purposes — and his speech at Harvard has been timed to mock the victims of the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Mr. Romney put out a long and exceptionally thoughtful statement explaining his decision. By our lights Mr. Khatemi's visit is more like ,. . . [a] calculated insult

They have it right like Romney does.

Also, Romney has spent at least some of the last few days speaking to media outlets. I saw him on the "Personal Story" segment of the "O'Reiley Factor" tonight and he seemed to convince a skeptical Bill O'Reiley toward his point of view. I heard he was on Sean Hannity's, Laura Ingraham's, Glenn Beck's and Hugh Hewitt's Radio shows recently too. When I find links . . . I'll get them posted.

On Fox News yesterday everybody was praising Romney's actions: Hannity, Newt G., Benjamin Netanyahu, Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke, Brit Hume etc . . .

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