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Monday, September 18, 2006

Romney Rocks Fox!

I found this link O'Reilly's Website that has part of his interview transcript with Romney from the Sept 19th show in Boston.

O'REILLY: Do you want to be President?

ROMNEY: I don't think anybody wants to take on the problems of America, but I think anybody who would think about it would consider it a real honor.

O'REILLY: So many people around the world hate America. Do you know why that is?

ROMNEY: America stands for something and people have misunderstood what our motives are. They haven't recognized the threat which is faced in the civilized world from the extreme, violent jihadists. I think as time is going on people recognize that this is not just a group of whackos in the hills of Pakistan that wants to set off an occasional bomb. It is a group that intends on bringing down civilization and replacing our governments and our freedom with a caliphate, a religious leader. That realization is bringing people back to President Bush and bringing people around the world the recognition that we have to stand together against this radical extreme.

O'REILLY: More than 60 percent of Americans feel President Bush is screwing up Iraq and has no plan. Do you have a plan for Iraq?

ROMNEY: I wouldn't presume to present a plan different from that of the President. But I believe he was right to take on the war on terror on an aggressive front rather than a defensive front. We toppled the government ... walking away would mean a humanitarian disaster. We're there and we have a responsibility to finish the job.

O'REILLY: Would you build a wall between Mexico and the United States and would you put the National Guard on the border?

ROMNEY: Absolutely. We'd put the National Guard there because we don't have the wall yet. You have to have a wall or a fence or electronic surveillance. And you have to have a tamper-proof document to make sure that people who are here are aliens are identified and registered, and people can not hire them unless they're here legally.
Wish they had the China/Iran portion of the interview available . . . Romney showed that he's quick on his feet and has a good sense of humor.

I wonder what Mitt and Ann were discussing with Bill . . .


This was not Romney's only appearance on "The Factor" this month. Back on Sept 6th Romney got some Bill time for his stance against taxpayer money going to protect and give VIP treatment to Former Iranian President Khatami during his speech at Harvard.

This link has the following quote of Romney during O'Reilly's Personal Story Segment

Former Iranian prez visiting Harvard
Guest: Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

Harvard University has invited former Iran President Mohammed Khatami to speak at the school this weekend. Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney explained why he is refusing to provide protection for Khatami. "On the 5th anniversary of an extraordinary tragedy in America, you don't welcome a person who has preached the destruction of Israel, who developed nuclear technology, who has praised Hezbollah. He has been an advocate of terror and radical Islam. It's adding insult to injury to do it on September 10th and expecting my taxpayers to help fund his appearance." While agreeing that Khatami is a villain, The Factor expressed a desire to interrogate the Iranian. "This is obviously an anti-American and anti-Jewish guy. But if I could get Khatami on this program, I would like to grill him in a very pointed way."
I watched that segment and O'Reilly said he was "on the fence on this one" but actually seemed persuaded by Romney's arguments. Well, O'Reilly got "off that fence" mighty quickly as the next evening's Factor "Talking Points" (Lead off story) blasted the Boston Globe for taking Khatami's side on the visit. Link here and text below.

Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Former Iranian prez visiting US
Guest: Writer Felice Gaer

"The former President of Iran Mohammad Khatami is speaking at the National Cathedral Thursday, and will talk at Harvard Sunday. The liberal Boston Globe, whose publisher is stepping down because of declining circulation, editorialized that Khatami is a 'partisan of a dialogue of civilizations.' Call me dumb, but I don't know what a 'partisan of a dialogue of civilizations is.' I do know that Khatami is a bad guy. Felice Gaer and Nina Shea wrote in the Washington Post that under Khatami religious minorities faced 'imprisonment, torture, and even execution.' Also on Khatami's watch, Iran funded Hezbollah terrorists, harbored Al Qaeda killers, and began working on illegal nuclear weapons. But again, the Boston Globe says he's an okay guy. This is a huge problem - in America we simply will not define our enemies. The Islamic fascists released more video of Bin Laden, purportedly getting ready for the 9/11 sneak attack. That kind of footage is not condemned in the Arab world or in Europe or in Russia or in China. So let's be honest - many people are simply not going to fight terror or even recognize the bad guys. After all the trouble Iran has implemented, its former president speaks at the National Cathedral and is accepted by some in the left-wing press as an okay guy. God help us."
Romney was also on Fox and Friends and declared Sept 19th as "Fox News Day" in Massachusetts. I'm sure he's getting plenty of flack among the liberals for that move . . . but it shows that Romney's not afraind of the liberals and is doing his best to promote conservatism in his state.

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