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Friday, September 15, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Announcing "My Man Mitt" where those wanting can become official "MittHeads"

Just in case anyone was wondering . . . Romney is a solid fiscal conservative in rhetoric and in action. Having been over-ridden on nearly every veto lately has to be frustrating . . . he sees the writing on the wall of the Mass. legislature's spend-a-holic mood and forewarns of a potential budget crisis in the near or distant future.

Also, the GOP Bloggers Poll is ongoing . . . Mitt is doing his best ever in one of these and is almost leading in the "net votes" area . . . just behind Newt. There are over 8000 votes now and they closed the last of these GOP Bloggers polls at around 10000 votes . . . lets push Romney over the top!

I've been convinced that Bush and his folks were lock-stock-and barrell behind McCain . . . but could that be changing? According to Tim Roeser, at least one D.C. insider thinks so . . .

Who the Bush People Want in `08.

A highly-placed Washington, D. C. source told me yesterday that the George W. Bush people do have a personal, under-the-table favorite in the 2008 presidential sweepstakes. It is Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney who is making waves and raising much money wherever he goes. Romney is a good “hold” position for those Bush-people who want to back Gov. Jeb Bush for the nomination in 2012.

Over at the Krusty Konservative (Iowa's most interactive GOP political blog) there is an interesting thread about Krusty's current assessment and future forecast of the financial capabilities of the current GOP field.

The following is how I see the Presidential field shaking out. To the right is a comparable Democrat for the 2004 primary you can use as a reference.

Major Leaguers
Governor Mitt Romney (John Kerry - $184 Million raised)
Senator John McCain (Howard Dean - $50 Million raised)
I think it’s clear that both Romney and McCain will be able to fund extensive kampaigns. If Rudy Giuliani does run he might be able to get to the big leagues, but Romney and McCain have a huge lead on him.

Governor George Pataki (John Edwards - $21 Million raised)
Senator Bill Frist (Wesley Clark - $20 Million raised)
Senator George Allen (Richard Gephardt - $18 Million raised)
I’m not convinced that George Allen runs, but if he does I think he can raise an adequate amount of campaign kash.

Governor Mike Huckabee (Dennis Kucinich - $11 Million raised)
Senator Sam Brownback (Joe Lieberman - $11 Million raised)

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