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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

In Memorium: Bob Thomas (IllinoisGuy)

A Romney Champion recently passed away, and one that I had the priviledge to know not only through his stalwart online support of Mitt, but I had the chance to spend the 2008 Caucus day in Iowa with him as well.

Illinois Guy (Bob) is the second from the right, I'm in the center, and Jason Bonham (co-founder of MyManMitt) is the tall guy in between us. Tough day to remember/relive, but was made better by spending it with friends and fellow Romney supporters like these two.

Bosman has a wonderful tribute to Illinois Guy over at RightSpeak. Thank you Bos, and, thanks always to IG!


BOSMAN said...

Thanks Jeff for sharing your story on IG.

Jayde Wyatt has a very moving memorial postpost up on MRC for IG.

Anonymous said...

IG will be missed by many. May GOD Bless his Soul.