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Thursday, March 03, 2011

MRC Announcement: April Will Be No Apology Month – Featuring Daily Guest Bloggers

One year ago today…

the book that would serve as a pre-campaign manual for presidential candidate Mitt Romney was published! In it Governor Romney lays out the challenges America faces and what must be done to overcome them, to preserve freedom, and remain the hope of the earth.

That book, a #1 New York Times bestseller, is No Apology: Believe in America. It is what Mitt Romney is all about. Anyone serious in their study of whether or not to support Romney for President in 2012 needs to read this book. Debates, TV ads, radio spots, and twitter updates will only provide a small glimpse of what it is that makes Mitt Romney tick. To truly know the depth of his knowledge, and passion to see America excel… you must read the book.

I can’t think of a better way to promote Romney as a candidate then to get others to read his book. So in honor of the one year anniversary of No Apology being published, we here at MRC are announcing…

No Apology Month

During the month of April we will feature daily guest posts from you our readers! We will be asking for volunteers to write short essays (250 – 750 words) on a topic of your choice from the book. There are 11 chapters and an introduction in the book, so with 30 days in April we will feature 2-3 posts from each chapter (which of course may vary.) Mitt Romney makes hundreds of excellent points in the book – we hope to highlight some of these in the essays and discuss them.

We hope you will consider joining this month-long event and put on your best writing caps to produce quality content and make this a big success. Read below for details and guidelines on No Apology month.

To participate in No Apology Month:

Pick a subject of your choosing from the book. To avoid overlap we will be assigning topics on a first-come-first-serve basis. You may want to have a few subjects in mind in case your first selection is already taken. Be creative – find specific subjects, topics or facts that are perhaps little known about Mitt Romney. Show us something that gives us insight into his character, history, or knowledge of issues facing America. You can draw from personal experiences, quotes from his book, or outside sources. When quoting from his book use only segments (at most a few paragraphs) to avoid copyright issues. Also, feel free to provide images or graphs, though don’t feel obliged too. We recommend that your total write-up be 250 to 750 words. You can do more than 750 words if you feel you really must, but we recommend this cap so readers will be more likely to read it in its entirety.

We will work out a publishing schedule for the month. Please have your final draft submitted at least one week prior to your assigned publish date.

Submit your “application” to Please include:
1-your real name
2-an alternate (or abbreviated) name if wish to remain anonymous
3-the suggested title of your article
5-page and chapter of the book from which your subject is derived
6-a few sentences to describe your ideas for the article

If we end up short of 30 contributors we may allow you to do more than one post, but we will wait to determine that.

Thanks and good luck!

~Nate G.

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More info on No Apology here.

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