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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sucker Punch taken Romney Fights Back . . . and the Round goes to Romney (again)!

What a busy day in the Romney World! I'm just catching up on everything now. Krusty and Hotline are reporting that McCain's people posted a video to YouTube of the "low lights" of Romney's 1994 debate with Teddy Kennedy.

With lightning speed and political agility Romney's response has already been put up on YouTube and on his Website's MittTV. A great response, and he remains likable and not cantankerous in his own defense.

Wow! I thought that they would saved these videos (which we ALL KNEW were coming) for when things heated up more. I guess his opponent(s) are sick of losing the "talent primary" and the "money primary" to Romney. Over $7 MILLION raised on Monday, S.C. Kredible Konservative Senator DeMint's AMAZINGLY STRONG endorsement letter on Teusday, and then the Roll Call article showing Iowa's "McCain Disdain" forced them to start floundering. It's not a pretty sight.

Romney's been getting some strong defense from conservative sources. I liked "Romney is Smarter than the Average Bear: Part 2" by Dean Barnett and the coverage from K-Lo, the Boston Globe, and Evangelicals for Mitt. These all confirm that well established conservative action groups in Mass(i.e. not the lunatic fringe of the right--like MassResistance) have loved working with Romney and have given him great props for his work there. I'm looking foward to that letter coming out tomorrow.

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