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Monday, January 08, 2007

Live Blogging from Romney Fundraiser at My Man Mitt

See the live blogging (with photos and even a video) over at My Man Mitt.

This might be a record breaking fundraiser day for politics! Be sure to contribute "early and often". Be a part of the support for Romney. Donate to him at MittRomney.Com.

Use my Fundraiser ID #225003 and my name (Jeff Fuller) when you donate too!

EXCITING DAY FOR AN EXCITING MAN! (see the Fox News Channel Segment here)

Update: $6.5 Million Raised TODAY!!!!!! A NEW RECORD (since campaign finance reform).


Keith Steurer said...

Absolutely amazing! Great job to all the volunteers and to those who donated today! We've only just begun....

Jeff Fuller said...

YEP! More exciting times are to come!

Anonymous said...

Team Romney is a fundraising juggernaut!

Jim K