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Friday, January 12, 2007

Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Warpath Against Romney . . . THIS IS GOOD NEWS FOR ROMNEY!!!

Know thine enemy . . .

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) headed by Howard Dean seems to be doing just that. They've been doing their homework on Romney and they don't like what they see. In fact, they are currently attacking Romney more viciously than any other GOP POTUS hopeful (many of which they are completely ignoring). They've even given him a couple of new nicknames "Smooth Talking Mitt" and "Multiple-Choice Mitt."

My hypothesis is that the DNC is scared of losing a general election to Romney. They have seen the recent attacks on Romney from the right and the left and have decided to "pile on" and try to nip his candidacy in the bud. Or, they saw that he pulled in $7 million in a one day fundraiser and realized that he is a force to be reckoned with. Either way, Republicans everywhere should take notice that the DNC doesn't want to have to deal with Romney. That, in my opinion, speaks volumes.

The Evidence:

A simple search of the DNC's website of Press Releases regarding different GOP hopefuls reveals that they're only really attacking two of them: McCain and Romney (with the latter being the latest preferred target.)

DNC Mitt Romney Search:

ELEVEN DNC press releases in the last six weeks (inlcuding FIVE in the last 3 days!!) are headlined against Romney. Direct and obvious attacks on issues such as Troop escalation, "Flip-flops", Immigration, Romney's Tax record, and GOP governorship losses. Also, back in Sept they include Romney in a long press release about GOP "agents of intolerance" (AKA "Racists") for his proper use of the literary term "tar baby." Also, the use of the nicknames is particularly interesting.

"Multiple Choice Mitt" derives from Teddy Kennedy's accusation during the 1994 Senate debate addressing Romney's stance on abortion.

"Smooth Talking Mitt Romney" seems to be their favorite nickname. They're planning for the future with this one. They're so used to enjoying Bush bumble and jumble his words that they won't be able to tease a President Romney similarly. They know he's articulate and smart, so they spin that into a negative of being "Smooth Talking". Funny stuff!

The DNC's sure giving a whole lot of attention to a guy who is still polling in the single digits . . . I think they have realized something and many Republicans need to realize this too . . . that Romney would be their toughest competition in the general election

DNC John McCain Search:

McCain has been a long time target of the DNC. This is expected for anyone bearing the "GOP frontrunner" title. He has a long list of anti-McCain DNC press releases to his name. Still, he's only been the headlining subject of two press releases in the last month (and both attacking people he's hired, not him really).

DNC Rudy Giuliani Search:

Rudy only gets a couple of DNC press releases against him to his name. He's been fading as Romney's been surging and so the DNC has changed their attack tactics accordingly

DNC Newt Gingrich Search:

Newt's the least likely of these guys to actually get into the race. That, plus the fact that they have lots of "dirt" on him already makes his a target not worth attacking.

DNC Sam Brownback Search:

Brownback has earned ZERO defamatory Press Releases from the DNC . . . Message from the DNC: "PLEASE, O, PLEASE LET US RUN AGAINST THIS GUY!!!!"

DNC Mike Huckabee Search: Huckabee was initiated into the "the DNC hates me because I'm a republican" club today . . . still, that's hardly close to Romney's 11 in 6 weeks.

Bottom line: The DNC realizes it will be trying to defeat Romney or McCain in the general election. They don't want to face Romney then. They're just plain scared of him already!!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...perhaps those pesky liberals realize who would be their strongest opponent in a fall campaign.

God Bless,

Keith Steurer said...

Just goes to show how the DNC is researching their opposition, and trying to take out the strongest ones first. I havenoticed they have been trashing Condi Rice lately too. A potential VP bid for this great woman???

Jeff Fuller said...


Could be for Condi. I think that they just hate her because she supports Bush's policies, but I'm sure they want her "out of the way" politically as well.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...Perhaps a Romney-Rice or a...Romney-Fuller ticket?

God Bless,

Jeff Fuller said...


You trying to sabotage and short circuit Romney's chances?

Thanks for the flattery though. You know the quip "Flattery will get you everything" I'm sure.

Anonymous said...


I don't see you as VP, however you are on the short list for Surgeon General.

God Bless,