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Saturday, January 20, 2007

"Governor Mitt Romney Announces Representative Tom Feeney's Support" . . . Romney shaping up to be true choice for fiscal conservativism

Press Release from Romney's Website:

Governor Mitt Romney Announces Representative Tom Feeney's Support
Friday, Jan 19, 2007

Boston, MA - Today, Governor Mitt Romney announced that U.S. Representative Tom Feeney (R-FL) will serve as a key liaison to fiscal conservatives and organizations promoting fiscal responsibility in Washington.

"I am pleased to have the support of Representative Feeney. He has been a powerful watchdog for fiscal responsibility in our nation's capital. I look forward to working with him as we strive to restore basic fiscal conservative values, curb runaway spending, and protect taxpayers' money," said Governor Romney.

With Governor Romney's announcement, Representative Feeney said, "I am proud to be part of Governor Romney's team. With his record of fighting for lower taxes and balanced budgets, Governor Romney is the right kind of leader to bring fiscal sanity back to Washington. Governor Romney will be a strong fiscal steward of the American people's tax money."

Background On Representative Tom Feeney:

Representative Tom Feeney Has Been A Leader For Reform And A Watchdog For Fiscal Responsibility. Elected in 2002 to the U.S. House of Representatives, Feeney represents the people of Florida's 24th Congressional District in Central Florida encompassing areas of Brevard, Orange, Seminole and Volusia Counties. He previously served as Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives and was Governor Jeb Bush's running mate in his first race for governor in 1994.

In Congress, Feeney sits on the powerful Financial Services and Judiciary Committees. He also serves on the Steering Committee of the Republican Study Committee, the largest caucus in the U.S. House representing 100 conservative members, and is the Chairman of the House Conservatives Fund which helps elect true Reagan conservatives to the U.S. House of Representatives. Additionally, Feeney co-founded the Washington Waste Watchers, a working group formed to combat waste and fraud in the federal government.

Feeney has a "rockin" 97% rating from The Club for Growth which puts him near the top 10 most fiscally conservative Reps in congress.

Also, for all the press McCain gets for being a "fiscal watchdog" he got just a 76% rating . . . placing him in the bottom half of GOP Senators (whereas Romney backer Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina had a 100% rating!)

It's truly looking like the real fiscal conservatives are lining up with Romney! If he could keep the Mass legislature from overspending and deliver balanced budgets year after year then he has a leg up on EVERY other candidate on either side in this respect.

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Anonymous said...

Nice addition for Team Romney!