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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gov. Romney's Strategy to Lower Taxes

On October 4th, In New Hampshire, Governor Romney Outlined His Conservative Blueprint To Lower Taxes On The American People. This is real answers, real data, which is more than any other candidate has brought to the table. Others may speak theoretically on how they can improve America, but Mitt Romney has a plan in order to do it!

Lower taxes are the key to ensuring continued economic growth and job creation. Governor Romney believes it is not fair for Americans to pay taxes when they earn their money, when the save their money, and then when they die. On reducing the tax burden which confronts Americans every April 15th, change begins with Governor Romney and Republicans. - Governor Romney Was The First 2008 Presidential Candidate To Sign The "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" Promising To Oppose Any Effort To Increase Taxes. For years, conservative candidates for President have signed their name pledging to oppose tax increases. Governor Romney is the only major candidate for President to sign the Americans for Tax Reform's "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" while others have not. Governor Romney wants everyone to know where he stands and his strong belief that we must lower taxes to grow our economy.

BLUEPRINT #1: Making The Bush Tax Cuts Permanent: Governor Romney Will Make The Bush Tax Cuts Permanent. Governor Romney believes making the Bush Tax Cuts permanent is the first step to ensuring that Americans are able to keep more of their hard-earned money. By Making The Bush Tax Relief Permanent, Governor Romney Will Preserve Tax Relief For Millions Of Americans: - 108,950,000 Total Taxpayers Benefited From The Tax Relief In 2006. - 97,024,000 Americans Benefited From The Rate Reduction In The Lowest Tax Bracket In 2006. - 34,080,000 Couples Saw A Reduction In The Marriage Penalty In 2006. - 27,975,000 Taxpayers Benefited From The Increased Child Credit In 2006.

BLUEPRINT #2: Rolling Back Tax Rates For All Americans: Governor Romney Will Roll Back Tax Rates Across The Board For All Americans. As President, Governor Romney will cut marginal tax rates across the board, allowing all Americans to save more money. This approach is fair, simple and extends the pro-growth benefits of tax rate cuts to all Americans.

BLUEPRINT #3: Eliminating Taxes On Middle Class Savings: Governor Romney Will Make Middle Class Savings Tax Free. Governor Romney's plan will allow middle class Americans to save tax free by changing the tax rate on interest, capital gains and dividends to absolutely 0%. By helping more Americans save and invest, we can meet the challenges of an aging population and ensure the financial security of America. - Governor Romney's Plan Will Allow Over 95% Of American Families To Save And Invest Tax-Free. Any taxpayer with Adjusted Gross Income of under $200,000 would pay a tax rate of absolutely 0% on all of the income they earn from their savings, capital gains and dividends. Governor Romney's Plan Will Help Millions Of Taxpayers Save And Invest Tax-Free. Based on 2005 tax returns: - 56,148,740 Taxpayers Who Earned Interest Could Have Benefited From This Tax Break. - 28,351,341 Taxpayers Who Earned Dividends Could Have Benefited From This Tax Break. - 23,316,273 Taxpayers Who Earned Capital Gains Could Have Benefited From This Tax Break.

BLUEPRINT #4: Eliminating The Death Tax Once And For All: Governor Romney Will Kill The Death Tax. It is unfair to tax the American people three times: once when they earn their money; second when they invest it and receive income from those investments; and third when they die. - Governor Romney Believes The Death Tax Is Fundamentally Unfair. The Death Tax unfairly impacts families, farmers, ranchers and small businesses. These are the engines of America's economic growth and they should not be burdened by unfair taxes. By eliminating the Death Tax, we will help thousands of Americans take money that would be used to pay an unfair tax and instead use it fuel economic growth.

BLUEPRINT #5: Cutting The Corporate Tax Rate: Governor Romney Believes Our Corporate Tax Rate Must Be Competitive With The Rest Of The World. The United States has the second highest corporate tax rate in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. We simply cannot afford for future economic growth to have a tax rate that is out of alignment with the other major economies of the world.

BLUEPRINT #6: Opposing Social Security Tax Increases: Governor Romney Opposes Any Increase In Social Security Taxes. We can strengthen Social Security without resorting to higher Social Security taxes that will impact all Americans. Governor Romney will oppose any proposed increase in Social Security taxes.

BLUEPRINT #7: Making Medical Expenses Tax Deductible: Governor Romney Will Make Qualified Medical Expenses Tax Deductible. Governor Romney supports the full deductibility of qualified medical expenses, which will allow Americans to deduct the cost of their health insurance and out-of-pocket medical expenses, where accompanied by at least catastrophic insurance.

Read Governor Romney's Full Strategy For A Stronger America:
To read more about Governor Romney's agenda to change Washington, please click on the Strategy for a Stronger America , a compilation of his policy proposals for conservative change and to meet the new generation of challenges confronting our nation. Since January 2007, Governor Romney has outlined more than 50 different policy proposals. From defeating violent Jihadists to protecting traditional values, Governor Romney believes we can build a stronger America by taking Washington apart and putting it back together based on conservative principles that strengthen our national defense, our economy and our families.


Anonymous said...

Did Mitt do any of these things when he was governor of the state of Taxxachussetts? No he did not and he wont ever get the chance to do this a President of the U.S. Romney scares people to death. Prepare yourself for 8 years of Bill & Hillary Clinton.
ps I dont think this post is going to get posted. Mittheads love that delete button. Why do you fear the truth?

A Christian Prophet said...

This material is dynamite. I hope people pay attention. Thanks for your work for Romney. You might enjoy the speech on religion:

Anonymous said...

gosh darn it! I wish life was like that, just wish it one way or kick the dust of your shoes.

Romney refuses to see how his history reflects on this election. You can't strap a dog to the top of a woody, VC union jobs out of existence, flip rhetoric, and avoid religion in this political universe. Please start explaining.