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Monday, October 08, 2007

Debate on CNBC 10-09-07

CNBC/MSNBC/The Wall Street Journal are jointly sponsoring the first Republican Presidential debate of the 2008 campaign focusing on economic issues. The two-hour debate is scheduled to be held on October 9 in Dearborn, Mich. and will be broadcast live on CNBC, First in Business Worldwide, at 3 PM Central and re-broadcast on MSNBC at 8 PM Central that evening. This will be the first face-off with new-comer Fred Thompson in the campaign.
As a side note : Fred Thompson stopped in Iowa City last tuesday. A few items of interest:
1. It was held at the Marriott in Coralville the same day as the Obama visit was at the Marriott. Strange timing. Staffers are supposed to ask questions like : "Are there any other candidates hosting receptions at your facility that day?". Nice one.
2. I wasn't able to attend, but I heard reports that the turnout was representative of his ground strength in Johnson County : marginal. I realize he is a newcomer to Iowa, but waiting so long to enter the race gave up precious time to spend campaigning in Iowa. A visit to the state fair waring his Gucci shoes and italian suit wasn't enough to win over Iowans.
We'll see how the debate goes. I predict that Giuliani and Romney will be teaming up againt Freddie right out of the gates. Enjoy, and look for the post debate poll here in the blog!

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Anonymous said...

re. 1. They were aware that Obama was in-house as well that day. Their speeches were several hours apart and they didn't even cross paths so it was not an issue or a concern to either party. ... Why would that matter anyway? The Coralville Marriott is a grand venue for these and future political events. We can't all subsit under the same roof now?