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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Best and Worst : Part ONE

For those IOWANS who watched the debates on CNBC, this is your chance to speak out. I am interested to know what you think was the BEST quote, and the WORST quote. Leave a comment to tell us your response. Please limit comments to those who watched the debate, thanks.

I will start things off:

Best Quote:
Mitt Romney made a case for his experience, and in doing so, compared his economic and political experience to Hillary Clinton. In doing so, he said "I can't wait to debate with Hillary Clinton, because I have done it, and she's only talked about it. " I couldn't agree with him more. I look forward to their debates.

Worst Quote:
John McCain made a ridiculous comment about oil companies: When asked if he would require oil companies to spend a percentage of their profits on new energy technology, he ultimately said "NO", but first he said "I would hope that these companies would reinvest in new technologies like nuclear power." Has he forgotten what that industry has done for the past 20 years? In my opinion, the oil industry HAS NO INTEREST IN NEW ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES. They are interested in selling oil for a profit. Period. Why would they ever choose to give away money to actually decrease their profits? The oil industry is squashing potential for nuclear. The oil industry is lobbying Washington to keep fuel efficiency requirements for cars and trucks as low as possible. The oil industry is buying up patents on high efficiency / high output batteries in order to prevent them from being used in automobiles! It is obvious who McCain has in his back pocket...............THE OIL INDUSTRY.

I should also add that I got a good chuckle out of Mitt Romney's quote about the series of republican debates : "These debates are like Law and Order : There's a huge cast, it seems to go on and on, and Fred Thompson shows up at the end".


Brian said...

I’d have to say that my favorite part came after Chris Matthews asked Mitt and Rudy about the differences between the two of them regarding cutting taxes.

Romney’s comments included these: “…[I]f you want to cut taxes, you’re gonna have to cut spending, and the best tool that a governor has and the best tool the President has had is a line item veto. And Mayor Guiliani took the line item veto that the President had all the way to the Supreme Court and took it away from the President of the United States. I think that was a mistake…. I’m in favor of the line item veto. I exercised it 844 times. Thank heavens we had the line item veto, and I’d like to see it at the Federal level as well. We need it…. The place we differ is on the line item veto…. I’m in favor of the line item veto to make sure that the President is able to help cut out pork and waste. Washington is finally going to have to have a reduction in spending.”

Guiliani, on the other hand, was proud he had preserved Federal spending for his city by opposing the line item veto. “And as the mayor of New York, if I had let President Clinton take $250 million away from the people of my city illegally and unconstitutionally, I wouldn't have been much of a mayor.”

Rudy bragging about maintaining federal spending rather than reducing it precisely proved the point. Romney said, “That’s what this is about.” I loved it.

Anonymous said...

The US Constitution does NOT allow the President to use a line item veto and the US Congress is NEVER going to allow it, and Mitt knows this. Mitt was trying to make some political hay. If Mitt were to become President he wouldnt cut any Federal spending either. Let's get real about that too. Mitt spent as much as he could while he was Governor. Mitt just keeps beating a dead horse. Mitt couldnt beat Teddy Kennedy and he certainly wont beat Bill & Hillary Clinton.