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Monday, November 27, 2006

Mark Your Calendars! Ames Straw Poll Set for Aug 11th, 2007

Link here from the Des Moines Register.

The Iowa Republican Party has selected Aug. 11, 2007, as the date for the Ames straw poll - a signature event for GOP presidential candidates running in the state's leadoff nominating caucuses.

. . . The straw poll is a nationally publicized event, noteworthy as the first measure of candidate strength in Iowa.

In August 1999, a record 25,000 Republicans turned out for the straw poll, which was won by George W. Bush, then the governor of Texas.

What the article doesn't say is that after the results of Bush's win in the 1999 straw poll 5 of his competitors dropped out of the race completely and 4 of them ended up endorsing Bush. I've heard many GOP activists here in Iowa stress that this is the day when presidential hopes are made or dashed. I forsee a strong showing for Romney!

Let every potential Romney supporter know that then need to mark their calendars and PLAN TO BE IN AMES, IOWA ON AUGUST 11th, 2007 TO HELP ROMNEY WIN THE STRAW POLL!

Here is the announcement from the Iowa GOP website (RPI).

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