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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Romney Still Polling in the Lead in Iowa

Like a really good investment stock, the charts are showing Romney's lead continuing to increase here in Iowa, with a sudden surge after the straw poll. Romney now leads the pack with 31.5% of the votes, and has a solid 17.5% lead over Guiliani. Note in the graph below how his strength in Iowa has steadily grown since the beginning of the year, and then it spikes right after the straw poll. For all those who have been trying to convince the world that the Straw Poll no longer holds any relevance, here is some proof that the Straw Poll still matters and that it directly affects the political allegiances following the poll.
Iowans saw what he had to say at the straw poll, and they are joining the cause. "Change begins in Iowa" has quickly become a new buzz phrase among conservative Iowans, as stated by Romney during his speech to those attending the straw poll last August 11th. Unfortunately

Here are the latest poll summary:

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