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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Political Derby Power Rankings Updated; Romney Shoots to #1

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The Political Derby now agrees with the Washington Post’s The Fix that Romney is tops of the power rankings.
Here is’s newly updated 2008 rankings:

1. Romney (previously 3)
2. Giuliani (previously 1)
3. Thompson (previously 2)
4. Huckabee (previously 5)
5. McCain (previously 4)

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Power Ranking

1 : Mitt Romney (Up)
Mitt met expectations, not an easy thing to do in take-no-prisoners politics, and won the Ames Straw Poll big. But everyone knows he was the only major candidate taking it seriously. Polling very well in Iowa and New Hampshire, but still dragging nationally. If he can’t find a way to become known to the nation more for his policies than his religion, he has potential next January to bomb bigger than Daddy Day Camp. Yes, he’s raised a lot of money, but he can’t afford to keep spending more than $400 per vote, especially when those votes don’t matter. (previous ranking: #3)

2 : Rudy Giuliani (Down)
Rudy skipped Iowa, which is probably an indication of his future fate there. But he still leads in the polls almost everywhere else and his no-show in Ames may not damage him as much as a poor showing certainly would have. It’s time for America’s Mayor to become comfortable with what he did do on 9/11 so he’ll stop getting baited into claiming credit for things he didn’t do on 9/11. His biggest asset is starting to reveal albatross potential. (previous ranking: #1)

3 : Fred Thompson (Down)
Freddy T’s flirtation with running served him well for months, but his fans are growing tired of waiting for him to ask their hand in marriage. He’s waited so long that his real wife is getting more media attention than he is and he’s had more campaign leadership shuffles than anyone in history who hasn’t officially joined the campaign. It’s time to put up or shut up, or he runs risk of arriving at the alter alone. (previous ranking: #2)

4 : Mike Huckabee (Up)
The only person not surprised by Huckabee’s showing in the straw poll is Huckabee himself. Finishing second, while only spending $58 per vote, is a terrific showing for someone the media has been considering an also-ran from Day One. Surely Giuliani’s decision not to participate helped, but so have his stellar showings in the debates. If there is an argument to be made for so many debates so early, Huckabee is it. But he would be the only argument for so many debates so early. (And there is no argument, period, for having Chris Matthews or Keith Olbermann hosting debates no matter how early they are.) (previous ranking: #5)

5 : John McCain (Down)
Yes, McCain is still running … this time away from his stance on immigration reform. His switch on a key GOP issue seems too little too late to regain traction or track position. Even the rock thrown in the pond by Mike Gravel didn’t sink to the bottom this fast. And when you lose the straw poll to Duncan Hunter you know that pain in your butt is a fork. (previous ranking: tied for #4)


Anonymous said...

As well as Huckabee is doing I think McCain has a better chance than Huck.

Denny said...

Keith Steurer,

I think you really did a superb analytical job here, which at times caused me to laugh uncontrollably.

I agree with you that Mr. Romney NEEDS to spend tons of cash FAST nation-wide in order to positively introduce himself to the remaining Republicans and right-leaning voters who don't know him yet, or he will be defined by other's negatively, instead.

When will Mr. McCain wake up and smell the polls? Doesn't he know when to quit, or does he like self-inflicted humiliation and degradation? This is really getting ugly.

Sanctuary City Rudy is too busy trying to best himself in embellishing his resume on terrorism and events surrounding 9/11 to realize that changing the subject matter on serious issues of importance to conservatives who want a candidate more like Ronald Reagan, than Hillary Clinton, is not going to work for very long. He will be pummeled tremendously from here on out by Fred and Romney who will try to reveal who the 'real' Rudy is.

I agree with Mitt concerning his comments about former actor and lobbyist Fred Thompson.

"I guess the only comment I'd make to Fred Thompson is, 'Why the Hurry?' Why not take a little longer to think this over? From my standpoint, if he wants to take 'till January and February, that's ideal."

Anonymous said...

Soon-to-be President of the U.S. Fred Thompson biding his time and keeping his powder dry while Romney and the rest of the hired gun slingers fire endless rounds at one another. Soon-to-be President Thompson has a strategic plan to defeat the gun slingers who only use money as their bullets with the chief culprit being Mitt(Larry Craig) Romney.
Fred Thompson is going to build the haystack one pitchfork at a time. I'm sure President Thompson will consider Mitt(Larry Craig) Romney to head one of the Cabinet posts. Mitt(Larry Craig) needs some experience at the national level before he can be considered for the highest position in the land.

Rob said...

SUMMARY: Unless something changes, Clinton will win the Democratic party nomination, Romney (!) will win several states that vote in January, but Super Tuesday (Feb. 5), which includes California and New York (Giuliani strongholds) will probably decide the Republican party nomination (Thompson is an X-factor).

I think Iowa (Jan. 14), Michigan (Jan. 15), South Carolina (Jan. 19/29), Nevada (Jan. 19), New Hampshire (Jan. 22, but could move up), Florida (Jan. 29), California (Feb. 5) and New York (Feb. 5) will likely determine the Presidential candidates for November 2008.

I have been following the state-by-state polling using a Wikipedia site that collects and tracks such data (sources for all polls are fully attributed). (FYI, I'm the "chart guy" on these sites.) I provide my personal observations of the trends for each race below.

Romney has a solid 15 point lead on everyone else, and about 30-35% of voters are still undecided.

Romney has a solid 9 point lead on everyone else, and about 30% of voters are still undecided and Thompson is showing strength.

====South Carolina====
Thompson (strengthening) and Giuliani (weakening) are the front-runners each having about 20-25% of the vote, and over 30% remain undecided.

Romney has a 5 point lead on Thompson and they are running neck-in-neck, and about 25% of voters are still undecided.

====New Hampshire====
Romney has a 10 point lead on everyone else, and about 20% of voters are still undecided.

Similar to South Carolina, Thompson (strengthening) and Giuliani (weakening) are the front-runners each having about 20-30% of the vote, and over 25% remain undecided.

Giuliani (weakening) maintains 30% support, and Thompson (strengthening) has nearly crossed the 20% mark, and about 20-25% remain undecided.

====New York====
Giuliani (weakening) maintains 45% support, and Thompson (strengthening) has crossed the 10% mark, and about 25% remain undecided.

Clinton is slowly building and recently passed Edwards. Obama is within 5 points and keeping pace with Clinton. 30% remain undecided.

Clinton commands a 15-20% lead on Obama with 20-25% undecided.

====South Carolina====
Clinton leads Obama by about 5 points. About 20-25% remain undecided.

Clinton commands a 15-20% lead on Obama with about 30% undecided.

====New Hampshire====
Clinton has expanded her lead to about 15 points on Obama with about 20-30% undecided.

Clinton commands a 20% lead on Obama with about 25-30% undecided.

Clinton has a 30% lead on Obama with about 20% undecided.

====New York====
Clinton has a 30-40% lead on Obama with about 20% undecided.

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