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Friday, June 03, 2011

It's official : Mitt Romney 2012

Mitt Romney has officially announced his candidacy for the Presidential race~ Here is the vidoe from the announcement.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mitt,

As an analytical chemist with over 35 years experience in spectroscopy, lasers and atmospheric sensing, I am troubled by the lack of common sense regarding CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions.

Our greatest greenhouse gas is water. Atmospheric spectroscopy reveals why water has a 95% and CO2 has a 3.6% contribution to the “greenhouse effect”. CO2 has only 3 significant absorption lines. The rest of the spectrum is dominated by water absorption. Approximately 3.2 billion tons/year world wide CO2 emissions (cars & trucks) equals about 0.0168% of the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration of ~19 trillion tons. This equals 0.00064% increase in the absorption of the sun’s radiation. An insignificantly small number, this is many orders of magnitude smaller than the standard deviation errors for CO2 concentration measurement.

So called “scientific” computer simulations predict global warming based on increased greenhouse gas emissions over time. However, without water’s contribution taken into account they have omitted the largest greenhouse gas from their equations. How can such egregious calculation errors be so blatantly ignored? These facts explain why man-made global warming is “Junk” science. The only thing “man-made” here is a certifiable Hoax [1].

A 1998 scientific study shows that plants in North America’s farmlands absorbed ~ 2 billion tons more CO2 than the old growth forests they replaced. That’s 0.5 billion tons more CO2 removal than the 1.5 billion tons generated in 1998 by burning fossil fuels [2]. Experiments show that higher atmospheric levels of CO2 result in larger and faster growing crops [3]. This provides for more efficient food production and more CO2 removal from the atmosphere. The proponents of man made climate change have their solutions and “cures” all wrong. If a “greener” environment requires increased storage of atmospheric CO2 , then we should be cutting down more old growth forests for timber and planting more crops, grasslands and gardens.

Michael J. Myers

[1]L. Johnson, “The Layman’s Guide Understanding the Global Warming Hoax”, Red Anvil Press, 2008.
[2] S. Fan, M. Gloor, J. Mahlman, S. Pacala, J. Sarmiento, T. Takahashi, P. Tans, “North America, A Carbon Dioxide Sink, A Large Terrestrial Carbon Sink in North America Implied by Atmospheric and Oceanic Carbon Dioxide Data and Models,” Science, Vol. 282. no. 5388, pp. 442 – 446, 16 October 1998.
[3] H. S. Mayeaux et. Al “Yield of Wheat across a Subambient Carbon Dioxide Gradient” Global Change Biology 3, pp269-278, 1997.