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Friday, May 27, 2011

Mitt Romney in Iowa, looking to make an announcement on June 2nd

Mitt Romney made his first stop in 2011 thru Iowa today! The first was a stop in Des Moines, where former Governor Romney met with agriculture representatives and plenty of supporters. He got a lot of questions regarding the strategy of his campaign for the state of Iowa, but he held strong to his message that the details are yet to be determined. Smart to keep his cards close. The media is grasping for anything they can use against him, including insider information regarding his campaign strategy. One humorous side note to the Des Moines event was that a bag of popcorn was overcooked and caught fire, setting off the fire alarms in the entire building, where Mitt Romney then directed everyone to exit the building, and continued taking questions outside the building on the street.

Here is the Fox News video from Des Moines:

Mitt Romney then came to Cedar Rapids for a joint Johnson County and Linn County GOP event at a historic farm on the southwest side of Cedar Rapids. In a barn that was nearly 100 years old, amid horses, carriages, and hay fields, he treated the supporters to a spirited speech about the economy and the pride of being American. He stayed for almost an hour afterwards to speak with all the supporters there, and then wisely grabbed a quick bite to eat on the way out.

Mitt speaking to the crowd.

A view of the historic barn, up in the hay loft.

Greeting supporters upon his arrival

Speaking to future voters in Iowa

More Fans

The big question of the announcement came up at the event, and Romney hinted at a June 2nd announcement in New Hampshire that will be coming. We are all assuming that announcement will be that he is officially running.

Now what? He came to Iowa, saw great support from both old and new supporters, but now what should we expect? All signs point to a smaller campaign and more grass roots communication rather than hitting the pavement for multiple campaign stops per day in the state. Supporters will need to learn how to maximize the potential of communication through social media to stay connected with Mitt in the mean time. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc, are all becoming new players in the political arena. We learned of their importance through all of the college aged young adults who so strongly supported Obama at the last election, and used social media to organize and turnout votes. The only problem now is that all of those college student from 4 years ago are struggling to find real jobs, and their hopes for a better life with Obama have come to a close. Perhaps all the jobless college grads will realize that Mitt Romney knows business, and how to get job growth in America. As Mitt stated today, it's time we have someone in the white house trying to create jobs who actually has held a job!

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